About Us: 

Mystery Mike’s was born in 1986, but Mike Bursaw’s passion for books began way before that.  

As a child the Bookmobile in Minneapolis would park across from his house and Mike would check out as many books were allowed. He would read all of the books while waiting for the Bookmobile to show up again and again each week.  

Mike began working in the book business when he was 15 years old. He convinced a wholesale bookseller that even though he was a high school student, and they weren’t interested in hiring anyone that age, he would be an exemplary employee and could even start that second. After calling his mother to let her know he wouldn’t be home for dinner that night, Mike’s book career took off! 

In 2018, Tom Boyden joined the Mystery Mike’s Team and has loved going on book hunting trips as well as devouring any books by Andy Rooney. Business runs as smoothly as it does thanks to Tom since he keeps us so organized. 

Mike was interviewed for the February 2018 edition of Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. To read the article and learn more about Mystery Mike himself, visit here. Interested in learning about the time Mike purchased his largest collection of books and was interviewed for a Huffington Post article? Click here.  

Happy Booking!